Building Healthier Workplaces Through Play & Community

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Enjoy a personalized experience especially curated to mirror your values and engage your peers.


Customizable modules

Design and launch your own modules and assign points for various activities your employees undertake.


Organization wide metrics

Take the guesswork out of the picture and get access to the overall metrics and mood of the organisation.


Gamified social network

Let employees with similar interests connect and take part in competitions to earn points.


Encourage healthy habits

Help your employees form healthier habits by enabling them to set their own goals and track their progress.

How Does It Work?

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Wellness oriented community building

Help your employees cultivate a sense of well-being, foster positive relationships, and provide them with resources and opportunities to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

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    Themed social challenges

    Run different social challenges to encourage people to share and engage with each other while drive long term impact.

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    Internal experts

    Experts from amongst the employees in various sports will be highlighted and can then help others with their queries.

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    Recurring leaderboard

    Track your and others performance in different activities over weeks, months and years to foster healthy competition.

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    Peer to peer challenges

    Ability to start internal challenges amongst the employees encourage healthy competitive spirit.

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Seamless tracking of health metrics

Let your employees integrate their daily fitness activities and goals with our app along with the option to sync with their preferred fitness app or wearables. Track real time health statistics and get personalized guidance to hit your goals.

Water Intake
Weight & BMI
Calories & Macros
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Various fun modules to keep people engaged

Use our gamified modules to drive adoption and get employees to use the platform regularly. Includes a mix of various different elements like movement, daily quizzes and themed hashtag contests. Utilize the hashtag framework to drive different behaviors and get people to be more active on the community.

Assign different weightage to all the different trackable elements and get people to participate to earn points and show up on top. Add or remove elements and customize the modules as needed. This can include wellness modules, BMI modules, virtual events and so much more.

Run virtual tours to make achieving daily targets more fun for people. Enable them to visualize their progress as they move forward on a present route on a map, while exploring new places and unlocking milestones. You can even get a custom virtual tour made for your employees.

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Bring mental health to the forefront

We understand the importance that managing mental health has in today’s time. Through various elements on our app, we help your employees take back control of their mental health.

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    Gamified mood tracking

    Engage in a playful and interactive way to track your mood and gain insights into your well-being with year in colors.

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    Sleep & screentime gamification

    Gamify your sleep and screentime habits, encouraging healthier routines and better quality rest for enhanced mental wellness.

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    Daily journaling

    Cultivate self-reflection and mindfulness through daily journaling, promoting emotional awareness and mental clarity.

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    Meditation modules

    Access guided meditation modules to reduce stress, enhance focus and foster a calm and centered state of mind.

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Take control of your community and tracking

Get access to the admin dashboard as the organizer to keep a track of ongoing activities as well as to launch new initiatives and manage the community. You also get the ability to track individual as well as team and organization level metrics as required.

Launch virtual events within the community like running, walking or cycling events to keep the community active & engaged. Run specific challenges around certain days like health day, happiness day etc. or around certain exercises like plan challenge, push up challenge, etc.

You can track participation and engagement along the various indexes like Engagement Index, Activity Index, Mental Wellbeing Index, Physical Health Index, Work-Life Balance Score & Satisfaction Index, etc. to get an overall idea about the effectiveness of the program.

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Personalized guidance and coaching

Your employees will get discounted access to all the coaching and training plans available on our app. We have a conversational AI coach along with human led coaching for various different plans available on the app, and employees can pick whatever suits them the best, depending on their requirements and goals.

A conversational assistant cum coach that can assist your employees with their diet plans, workout plans and even other fitness and wellness queries. You can provide it all the relevant details and it can accordingly provide tailor made suggestions based on your individual needs.

We have a panel of expert coaches working with us who cover various different aspects of health and fitness. Employees can pick from diet plan consultation, workout guidance, group workout sessions and even running and marathon coaching depending on their goals.


From the daily challenges that bring a focus to wellness and the opportunities to compete with peers on the step up challenges, our teams have enjoyed the USTep Program.'s social fitness platform empowered employees to participate in step up challenges with a social aspect that drove participation, program satisfaction, and overall wellness. Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Sajitha Mohankumar UST
Super thrilled for the opportunity to work with We wanted to use the app to promote a healthy lifestyle and build team rapport for virtual teams. was a pleasure to work with and shared recommendations openly with us, how to maximise the experience for our participants. We received lots of positive feedback after this activity. Thank you! Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Don Wilmot RedHat
We are extremely pleased working with the team and using their portal “” for our Health & wellness initiatives at Ness Technologies. The portal has an excellent framework and could be tailored to take care of our specific requirements . In addition to monitoring and tracking health & fitness goals of the employees, it has also enabled very positive engagement and socialization within the organization. Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Cheryl Angelo Ness Technologies
I would like to thank and Reliance for taking up such a good initiative in the direction of Employee Wellness. I had a habit of walking in the past but the Chale Raho competition gave me fuel to continue the same on a regular basis. I’ve consciously been increasing my steps each day, and being on the portal has motivated me to do that. The idea was not to win, but to include walking in my daily life, and that habit is intact till date. Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Sneha Wani Reliance
We found that enrolling for consists of very simple steps and the product is ready to accept feeds from several well-known workout tracking applications. With the ease in using and the competition created by, doing regular workout has become fun for many of us, including myself. Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Alok Singh Encore Software
We collaborated with to launch our 6 weeks employee engagement program called #ExifeLifeFitnessChallenge. It was well received across the board in over 204 location bringing 4500 employees together for a mission to become fitter and better.
Highly recommend the platform for corporate engagement & team building!
Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Nishant Bhardwaj Exide Life Insurance
We found that enrolling for consists of very simple steps and the product is ready to accept feeds from several well-known workout tracking applications. With the ease in using and the competition created by, doing regular workout has become fun for many of us, including myself. Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Siddhartha Jain CommonFloor


Yes, each organization gets their own dedicated community on our app that can only be accessed by their employees. No one else can see what is being shared in the community apart from the employees who have signed up and authenticated their work emails.

Employees can sign up on the app using their Gmail (Android) or Apple (iOS) account. They will be asked to share their basic information like name, gender, age, height and weight. All this information is completely confidential and no one else can view it. To get into their communities, they need to enter their work email and authenticate it through an OTP they receive.

Employees can sync their Google Fit (Android) or Apple Health (iOS) account with the app to sync their steps count and both these apps can record your step count using just your phone. In case employees have a wearable device, it can be synced with either of these apps and from there sync with app as well.

Yes, the programs on the app can be customized as per the admin’s preference. We can add or remove elements from the program as required and even the scoring parameters can be defined as needed. Even the themes within the programs can be customized depending on the activity or behavior we want to encourage.

Apart from being a part of the communities & the program, employees can also use our conversational AI coach to help them with diet plans, workout plans and even assist them with their general fitness queries. Personalized human-led coaching is also available which include nutrition guidance, workout guidance, weight loss and even running & marathon training. Employees can also take part in virtual run, ride and walk events hosted on the app.

Yes, we have many trainers and coaches empanelled with us and can organize sessions for a wide variety of themes like yoga, zumba, home workout or some mental health oriented sessions like stress management, work life balance etc. We can even arrange sessions from nutritionists, life coaches, therapists or athletes as required.

Yes, given the wide variety of clients that we work with globally, all the necessary security practices and encryptions have been taken care of. Our app is hosted on Azure (Microsoft) servers which has state of the art encryption methods, protocols, and algorithms in place.

Yes, the HR’s or the admins of the program get access to a dedicated dashboard from where they can track all the relevant data and statistics of the program. They can even make announcements, launch new challenges and get detailed highlights about scoring & engagement.

Yes, virtual tours can be customized by the admin as needed. They can pick custom routes that they feel suit their organization the most. Companies can make a tour that connects all their offices across the country or pick a neutral exotic location instead, the choice is yours.

Yes, family members of employees can download and sign-up on and take part in all the outside community features like walk/run/ride tracking, AI and human-led coaching, virtual events etc. but they cannot get into the corporate community. Although, if required by the company, family members access to the community can also be configured.